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Barnett Plumbing should be your first choice if you need a Livermore plumber. No matter when you have problems spring up. If you are not familiar with all the technical terms that is okay. We know your time is valuable. When you call us we will come prepared with a stocked truck and a skilled tech. We can troubleshoot and repair the issues with just one trip. We are based out of Livermore and do work for the entire East Bay Area. If you have had bad luck with other companies, you will be happy to deal with us. We are honest and reliable. We warranty all of our work for at least 60 days.

We can give you recommendations on what products we feel are more reliable than others. This week we have a special for our new plumbing customers in Livermore. We are offering a free plumbing inspection. Make us your favorite plumbing contractor today! We are a family owned company with much less overhead than most companies. Why call any other plumber? We are much more affordable for our services than rescue or roto rooter! We can repair your toilet, faucets, garbage disposals and more. Call us now to set up an appointment!

Toilet buying tip: When buying a toilet buy a Kohler Class 6 flushing toilet or a Toto toilet. There are some really cheap low flow toilets but you will have to keep the plunger by the toilet. Toilets are a common problem for many households so buy one that works really well. We like to have a long run approach to plumbing repairs. It is wise to spend a little more on quality parts because the labor is the same. Another suggestion is to make sure that your toilets have 1/4 turn ball valves for the angle stops. You always want a working shut off valve for each toilet. The old multi turn shut off valves often leak or get frozen open and then you need to shut the water off to your entire house for the repairs to be made. We always install the American made angle stops.

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Faucet Recommendations: Kohler is one of the best faucet manufactures out there. They stand behind their product and the parts are available locally. Many of the other faucet brands only have parts available by mail. This includes Grohe, Hans Grohe, Rohl and other high end faucets that will be a pain to repair. All faucets will eventually break so I recommend Kohler because they will be easiest to repair.

Repiping is one of our specialties. We always use American made type L copper because that is the highest quality you can use. We give free on site estimates and can beat any written quote guaranteed! We patch the drywall and match the txture. Normally we have the customer paint the walls. We install 1/4 turn ball valves and new supply lines for the faucets. We will not leave you stranded without water. Normally the water will be off for the day but we will have it back on at night.


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Phil Barnett
Owner and Operator

Phil Barnett is the owner and operator of Barnett Plumbing. He earned an MBA from Cal State East Bay and runs a tight ship.

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