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Hybrid Water Heaters

Hybrid water heaters are a game changer, but many Americans still don’t know about them. Learn what they do, how they operate, what to expect from one, and how you can get yours.

At Barnett Plumbing and Water Heaters, we also install hybrid water heaters in Livermore, Fremont, Newark, and beyond. Learn more about the hybrid water heater rebate plan or call today to speak with a specialist.


Everything You Need to Know About California’s Hybrid Water Heater Rebate Program

Cutting carbon emissions and lowering the stress on the energy grid are both big priorities for California, and you can benefit from both. California has reinvested in its incentive program, this time offering homeowners rebates on investing in hybrid water heaters. Hybrid water heaters use much less energy generating the same amount of hot water [...]

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Hybrid vs Tankless Water Heaters

Hybrid water heaters are the latest energy-saving option your plumbing company offers. While previously you might have heard of tankless water heaters as the hot new thing in the world of warm water. Which of these two options is better for you? We’ll discuss how they compare below. 1. Energy Savings – Winner: Hybrid Water [...]

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Are Hybrid Water Heaters Really Better for the Environment?

From compostable drinking straws to low-flow toilets, it seems like every other product nowadays is advertised as environmentally friendly. But savvy homeowners know that many of those benefits are overblown, or come with other big drawbacks. California is now offering rebates for energy-efficient hybrid water heaters based on the idea that they use less energy [...]

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What Makes Hybrid Water Heaters so Efficient?

If you live in California, you’ve likely heard about hybrid water heaters thanks to the large rebates the state government is offering those who want to purchase them. California is committed to increasing energy efficiency, so hybrid water heaters are a natural choice to promote. They offer significantly better efficiency than even a top-of-the-line gas [...]

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