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Barnett Plumbing offers a variety of services related to drain and sewage systems. These services include drain clearing (rootering), spot repairs, sewer clean out installations, whole-house sewer repipes, and trenchless sewer lateral replacements. All our technicians are trained to locate and identify potential problems, allowing them to suggest the best, long-term solutions.  



These forms of drain clearing utilize a powerful cable to grip and tear away at any matter clogging the drain.  Augers and snake cables are best used on clogs resulting from root intrusions, sanitary wipes, feminine products, and other solids.


"Hydro-jetting" refers to the use of a high powered, pressure washing hose that is put down drains to clean out any accumulated sludge from the line.  While a snaking cable is useful against solid blockages, hyrdro-jetting is much better at cutting through softer substances (i.e. grease, soap scum, or mud).



When a line is in an largely stable condition with only one or two problem spots, then a spot repair is often sufficient.  This type of repair requires us to identify the compromised section of the line, remove that section, and replace it our durable and long lasting materials.


A clean out is essentially an access point that allows a drain line to be cleared and video inspected.  On sewer laterals, cleanouts can also serve as an outlet for installing a sewer popper. In the event of a blockage, this device allows sewer water to exit out the sewer popper in the yard, rather than backing up in your home.


From time to time, all the drain lines in a home will need to be replaced. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including manufacturer defects or deterioration over time. Whatever the reason, Barnett Plumbing is ready to replumb the drains throughout your home with brand new ABS pipe. 


Trenchless sewer technology is a newer development in the plumbing industry.  Previously, if you wanted to replace your sewer lateral, a trench would need to be dug through your front yard. Now, thanks to trenchless technology, you only need two small holes,. This saves customers lot of time and money that would have been spent on additional trenching and landscaping work. Overall, we've found it's the best long-term solution for customers whose sewer laterals have multiple issues. Instead of just patching one spot in the line, you get an entirely new lateral that will last a lifetime. At Barnett Plumbing, we think worrying about back-ups should be a thing of the past!

The process starts by digging two 4'x4' holes – one where your sewer lateral meets the property line and one where the it leaves your home. A bursting head is attached to a hydraulic ram and slipped into one end of the existing sewer pipe. The head is slightly larger than the existing pipe, so when it is pulled through it bursts the existing material into small pieces. Just behind the bursting head, the new high density polyethylene (HDPE) sewer piping is pulled through, essentially sleeving the burst pipe. Once the HDPE pipe is pulled through, it is fastened to existing pipe on either end. With only two connection points, the possibility of future root intrusions or pipe offsets is virtually eliminated. There are simply fewer points where the lateral can fail.