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Choosing a new water heater, one that won’t cost you a fortune just to run the dishwasher, is simple. Hybrid water heaters offer fantastic energy-efficiency and reliable performance, delivering the hot water you need for a significantly reduced monthly cost. Now, with California’s water heater rebate program, it is more affordable to make the wise choice of purchasing a hybrid water heater in Milpitas. The team at Barnett Plumbing & Water Heaters can help.

Our Water Heater Services

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  • Water heater repair, covering gas, electric, tankless, and hybrid water heaters

  • New water heater installation

  • Water heater maintenance, including tank flushes and preventative maintenance

For water heater repairs, our team is fully prepared to diagnose and fix virtually any kind of unit, from any manufacturer. By stocking most common water heater components, we can repair the majority of water heater issues without waiting for replacement parts to arrive. That means you can get back to having a fully-functioning water heater just a little bit faster.

For new water heater installations, we only install equipment from the most trusted brands in the industry. Our go-to brand for new water heater installation is Bradford White, due to their superior reliability, long equipment life, and dependable warranties.

California’s Water Heater Rebate

Hybrid water heaters cost much more than gas-fueled water heaters—unless you live in California. Thousands of dollars in rebates are up for grabs for families who are interested in purchasing hybrid water heaters, making them comparable in price with other options. Why not choose a more efficient water heater that will cost you less in utilities monthly when it costs the same as a model that will spend more energy?

Working with Barnett Plumbing & Water Heaters

With competitive pricing, honest and friendly staff, and quick response times, Barnett Plumbing & Water Heaters is your obvious choice for water heater services. Unlike other water heater services in Milpitas, we can also offer temporary

When it comes to both repairs and replacements, we only put high-quality parts in your home. That helps you get more value out of your water heater and means it needs less work down the road.

Why Choose a Hybrid Water Heater?

There are many benefits of hybrid water heaters that make them an ideal choice for most households. We installed AeroTherm® Series water heaters, and the benefits of them include:

  • Energy-efficiency: These water heaters don’t need to generate heat. Instead, they use heat from the air, collect it, and warm your water with it. With this technology, hybrid water heaters significantly reduce their energy usage.

  • Fast recovery: You’ll have hot water when you need it, as hybrid water heaters can use their backup electrical heating to deliver more hot water in times of high demand. You won’t sacrifice comfort for energy efficiency.

  • Different modes: Choose electric-only mode if you want to increase your hot water supply quickly, or choose vacation mode if you want to save even more money while you’re not in the house.

  • Smart control panel: Controlling the temperature of your water heater, changing between its modes and even monitoring its performance is simple with the smart control panel. Move the temperature anywhere from 100 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Simple installation: Hybrid water heaters offer simple installation, including the same water and electrical hook-ups as other water heaters. This further reduces the cost of getting one installed and helps your plumber complete the process quickly.

  • Quiet operation: If you’re not a fan of white noise, you’ll be pleased to hear that hybrid water heaters are very quiet. If you need them to be even quieter you can switch over to their electric-only mode.

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